Lost For Words

August 7, 2013

Something amazing must have happened last night. This morning Lucas woke up and suddenly started speaking; he has been saying more words than I have ever heard! He has tried to copy so many words that we have said to him today and I have no idea where it has all come from. Lucas will be two at the end of this month and he has been considered a ‘late developer’ with his speech. I’ve been holding off on speaking to the Health Visitor about speech therapy as I’ve had so many assurances from other Mums where their own children, especially boys, have developed ‘late’ with their speech.

If I’m honest I have been worried; he seems to have said several words for so long but then didn’t add much new vocabulary from month to month. A couple of people have thought he was much younger than his age which I suspect was because he didn’t talk. Well, he does talk, constantly in fact, but in his own chatter. Even when people assure you that it will come you can’t help but worry that he will be held back. 

Then, quite literally overnight, he has come on leaps and bounds. He pottered around the kitchen with me this morning and started to say what was on his own play kitchen; spoon, tea, tomato (or tom). Upstairs he sat on our bed and chattered away about wearing socks and going to sleep, saying night and then ‘I see car’ while he points out the window. Me and James looked at each other in disbelief while telling Lucas how proud we are of him. The absolute best thing about it all is that he knows; he knows he is starting to speak and I can see it all over his face when he looks at us after he has tried to say a new word. He has a massive grin as he looks to each of us in turn waiting for the praise he knows is coming. 

It’s suddenly seems to have clicked that he has to talk! He already understands most of what we say and now he is finally ready to communicate back to us. I can’t tell you how proud I feel when I see the joy on his face as he tries to copy us. The words aren’t always very clear and maybe only recognisable to me and James but the fact that he has been trying were he has previously had no interest is just amazing. Even more amazing that it has happened so quickly, out of nowhere and it makes us smile every time we think about it. I’m hoping that tomorrow we wake up to more of the same and our smiling little boy is still happy to chatter.

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