The Funny Things You Do – 18 Months

April 1, 2013
The Funny Things You Do 18 Months

Dear Lucas

When you were first here, a new baby, 18 months always seemed like such a big milestone and now it is upon us I can see why. I couldn’t imagine my tiny baby boy becoming a toddler; walking and talking and turning into a little boy before my very eyes. This month has seen some big changes for you! You have started to say your first words. We have been waiting a long time and now you are learning words quickly and in such a short space of time you have learnt to say quite a few! My favourites are tickle, ok, I see and cow. My least favourite is ‘NO’ which you like to shout when you are not happy; usually when your dinner is put in front of you or if someone takes a toy that you wanted to play with.

You seem to have picked up actions to the nursery rhymes all of a sudden. It seems that you aren’t willing to do something unless you are sure you have got it right. You’ve sat through playgroup and read and rhyme, patiently taking it all in and all of a sudden you are ready to burst into action. When we are singing you won’t sit on Mummy’s knee any more  you like to get up and dance with the other children. You particularly like to join in with Dingle Dangle Scarecrow but sometimes you forgot to do the actions because you are having too much fun chuckling with the other children. However, all this laughter can quickly turn to tears when it is time to sit quietly with Mummy. Another sign of you getting older is that you can turn on the waterworks, seemingly at will, whenever you don’t get your own way. It doesn’t last for long and we haven’t had a big meltdown yet but another little sign that you are growing up and have your own ideas.

I am such a proud Mummy whenever I take you out, you are so independent and full of confidence. Nothing seems to phase you and you don’t hang onto me, ever! At our playgroups you will sometimes look for me but once we have made eye contact you are happy to carry on playing. You smile at everyone who says hello to you and you get such a fit of the giggles whenever you see other children playing and running round together. Your little feet stamp away on the floor and you will join in without any hesitation. I would love to take credit for this but I think that is just you; your little personality starting to shine through.

I still haven’t taken you for a proper haircut as I can’t bear to chop off your lovely hair but I think I will have to soon. Your eyes don’t seemed to have settled on a colour; they usually look brown but when I look very close they are still a deep hazel. You will never keep on socks or shoes in the house; you run round everywhere in your bare feet! When it is bedtime you run off to the bottom of the stairs and rattle the baby gate. Bath and bedtime is always a lovely time of the day with lots of giggles and fun with Daddy. When we put you down to sleep you reach for your favourite soft toy cat and cuddle him while you drift off to sleep.

Every night when I walk past your room on my way to bed I think of you, your smiles and the fun we have had that day. Sometimes I am ready for your bedtime but once you are asleep I am ready for the morning to come so we can start the fun all over again.

All my love


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  • Jenny Paulin

    wow he is 18 months old already?? that has flown by Hayley.
    Jenson says ‘NO’ a lot too and shouts it too!!! its lovely that he wants to join in and play with other children – he has confidence which is great, he looks such a happy and contented little boy and totally gorgeous – you have every right to be one proud mummy. xx

    April 6, 2013 at 9:18 pm Reply
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