The Funny Things You Do {22 Months}

July 25, 2013

Dear Lucas

Everyone has been saying to me this month that you seem to be turning into a little boy before their very eyes. You’ve shot up again and you are able to communicate to us all a little bit more; added to this your naturally cheeky personalty which shines through more and more everyday and all of a sudden there are almost no signs left of the little baby I brought back from the hospital.

With your second birthday fast approaching I can see how quickly you are growing up. You seem to have changed more this month and along with these changes we are getting endless tantrums as I suppose we are nearing the ‘terrible twos’. I could never say they are terrible but they are certainly testing us. 

You have been enjoying playing in the garden in our lovely summery weather. However, you like nothing more than to go out barefoot and play in the soil! When Daddy comes in from work you take him into the garden to show him the flowers and I can hear you both chattering about the colours and the bees and butterflies you can spot. 

You can be such a daredevil with certain things and then very hesitant with others. You are so keen to escape my grasp when we are walking, particularly at the park when you are desperate to go exploring. Although if you spot a dog you are straight back to me to hold my hand as we walk past. 

One big thing that has changed this month is that we have found out that you will be a big brother to not one but two babies. I wonder if you have picked up on some of our shock, joy and anxiety; when we first found out, the first few days after you seemed unsettled. I hope that you will be able to understand a little that we will be adding two new babies to our family. I know you will be an amazing big brother but I also know that it will mean some big adjustments for you and I will always worry about that. We will do everything we can to make it easy for you and I can’t wait to see you grow to become a proud older brother. One thing I know will never change is our love for you; you will never be short of love and although I’m sure our house will rarely be peaceful it will always be full of affection.

All my love

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