The Funny Things You Do {23 Months}

August 14, 2013

Dear Lucas

This month has been so full of ups and downs and your mood swings are keeping us on our toes! I think because Daddy is off for the summer you are trying to test the waters with him. One moment you can be laughing and the next you are throwing yourself on the floor; all part of you growing up and learning but nevertheless a bit stressful for all of us.

On the other hand we have had some lovely moments this last month. You are coming out with so many new words each day and it is so special to be able to see you master this new skill. You recognise friends and family when you see them, call their names (in your own way) and run to be lifted up for a cuddle. 

My dear boy, you love cake! A boy after my own heart you will sidle up to anyone who has cake, suddenly becoming their shadow as you wait for a taste. Grandma asked you to pass a butterfly cake to Grandad; you very nearly passed him the one you already had in you hand then thought better of it and went to get a new one for him to make sure you didn’t have to give up your cake! You look your most angelic when you are waiting for a morsel of cake and everyone has to give in and share their piece.

You have such a cheeky little smile and I love nothing more than to hear you giggle. Some of the funniest things set you off into hysterics, like your cuddly mouse pretending to colour in. I can’t get over how much these things seem to tickle you but I love to watch you chuckle. 

Your latest trick is to make us all get into our big bed before your bath and pretend to sleep. You get in first then pat either side of you and say ‘there’ for me and Daddy to get in.  We all have to get under the covers and snuggle before you jump up and bounce all over us. These little things I want to remember forever. 

At the end of this month you will be two and we are making some big changes in your little world. You are getting ready to go into a big bed in a new room and we are starting to see you as a little boy. We learnt that you will become a big brother to two little boys and when they arrive I suppose you will seem older still. I think you will love having two little playmates and you always seem to enjoy being around other children. You are my first little baby boy and you have taught me how to be a Mummy so even when I worry about the changes ahead I know we will be a happy family.

All my love

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