The Funny Things You Do {26 Months}

October 30, 2013


26 Months

Dear Lucas

I nearly forgot to write this as time is flying by. It seems like forever since your second birthday and now we’ve passed that milestone it seems like other things are creeping up on us, like potty training and nursery applications. All big things for the future but I’m sure they will be upon us in no time at all.

The last month or so you seem to have become so much more affectionate. You were never a cuddly baby and we usually had to steal hugs and kisses from you but recently you will happily come for a little snuggle and you’ll give loves to family and friends. Babies and animals seem especially honoured and always get a kiss from you. You have four teddies that are the obviously the elite as they are the only ones you’ll have in bed with you. Every night you have to check they are there before you snuggle down and then in the morning you will hand us each one, Cat, Dog, Squirrel and Badger, before we can go downstairs. Sometimes if you wake in the night you will try to hand us them as you think it is morning but when we tell you it’s still time to sleep you quickly take them back and give them a good cuddle.

You still love being outdoors but we haven’t been able to get out and about as much as we did last year. I usually have to wait until Daddy is off so I have someone to chase after you when you start to make your escape. We call you ‘the runner’ and I while I have been blamed for these fleeing tendencies I have since learned that Nanny was also a runner, even going as far as breaking out the house! It seems the toddlers in our family just like to be free; as you make your escape you always make time to turn around to give us a cheeky grin, just to make sure that we are chasing after you.

You chatter more and more every day and me and Daddy can understand a lot of what you say but I can see you sometimes get frustrated when we don’t know what you’re trying to tell us. You are hardly ever silent, even when you are playing by yourself you talk in your own little language. Some words and phrases are so clear and others still need a little work but you understand everything we say to you and copy us. You’re favourite at the moment is your version of ‘What a shame’ which usually comes out when you won’t eat your tea!

We had a little glimpse of the terrible twos this month with the mother of all tantrums that seemed to last a whole evening until we decided it was time for an early night. Usually these strops only appear when you are tired but they are still exhausting for everyone involved. I know you are just testing and you are so independent you want to do your own thing but it’s hard work.

Even with the tough days I wouldn’t change a thing about you, it makes you the little boy you are, the little guy that makes us chuckle and the cheeky monkey that we love. You are full of mischief but full of fun and nearly every night we have a giggle about the funny things you get up to.

26 Months Luca Lucas 26

All My Love




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  • Alexandra Mercer

    I bet Lucas will have such fun playing with his future brothers. 🙂

    October 30, 2013 at 7:43 pm Reply
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