1. How adorable & delicious does this look. I love that they have created a child friendly afternoon tea & the adults get their own too. What a fab thing to do as a family.

  2. This is such a fantastic idea and I only wish more restaurants and hotels would take note. I adore going out for afternoon tea, and it’s lovely that they have put so much thought into creating an afternoon tea for children. I would love to take Katie here as I know she would love the whole idea. Great review and gorgeous pictures of you all x

  3. It’s really nice, so great to be able to take the kids out to eat for something different, they loved it! I bet Katie would think it was amazing, it’s really special to have their own tray brought out for them! xx

  4. Oh I had no idea they did afternoon tea for kids!! That’s such a little treat and I love those batman biscuits. Z loves anything Batman! I always thought they were mostly about steaks but I’ll have to check out their menu 🙂

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