Twin Pregnancy Diary – 34 Weeks

  Every week now I find myself wondering if this will be the last update of my twin pregnancy diary. I’ve gotten to know several twin mums throughout this pregnancy and I’m struggling to think of one that made it past 34 weeks, there must be some out there! This week I’ve made some big … [Read more…]

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 32 Weeks

  Here we are…32 weeks! Hard to believe that at one stage we thought our twins would be arriving around now. I don’t feel quite ‘pregnant’ enough yet to be ready to give birth so I’m glad there are no signs yet! I feel like I’m so hyper-aware of every pain as they’ve drummed into … [Read more…]

Choosing A Name

  Everyone who has ever even thought about having children has always thought about the baby names they would choose. I know me and my husband would discuss our favourite names well before we had decided to try for children. Both times I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t help having a sneaky look … [Read more…]

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 30 Weeks

I’ve had a little break from all the appointments over the last couple of weeks and I don’t have another scan booked until I’m nearly 32 weeks. My GTT blood test was fine but they have discovered my iron levels are low, not surprising really considering my body is supporting two babies! This at least … [Read more…]