1. Lovely to see all the green around, the Country has sprung into life this week. Looks like a welcome bit of fresh air even if it was a little overcast. Looks like a very underutilised playground too. When mine were young playgrounds were always packed, where does everyone go these days? Thank you for linking up.

    • You’re right Fiona, I remember playgrounds always being so busy when I was younger! This one does get cusy in school holidays but most of the time it is quiet, great if you have a little one and don’t have to worry about him holding children up on the slide!

  2. i was only thinking today as I drove past the park, that I havent taken the boys to the park for a while now. since we moved and now have a garden i dont need to go as much as we once did!
    the park looks great – the colours and wooden facilities make it look so appealing to kids. i love the swing photo x x

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