1. Aaah Hayley — these are such lovely pictures!! And yes — you’re right that it may not be that picturesque in comparison to other beaches but the main focus of these is all your beautiful family. Such lovely pics. And I’m so envious that you live so close to the Gormley statues — I love his work and especially that installation. There’s something incredibly moving about those lovely still figures, looking wistfully out to sea.

  2. In all the years I have lived in the North West I have never been to Crosby beach, how terrible is that. I think I actually prefer going to the beach on a sunny but cold Autumn day, though I can’t pull off a bobble hat look. Your pictures are gorgeous Hayley x

  3. Aww such beautiful photos Hayley, I love the reflections in the water shots. I do love a trip to the beach in the winter and especially when it involves a bobble hat x

  4. I love going to a beach in the winter, especially when it’s sunny! Bobble hats are an essential addition for keeping those ears warm aren’t they? Lovely family pics.

  5. We’ve not been to Crosby in years, We really must go again soon. It sounds silly to say but I really do love the beach at this time of year. You’ve captured your time their together beautifully in these photos Hayley xx

  6. Do you know what I love summer and am definitely a summer girl but without fail we go to the beach (near my parents’ house in Wales) on boxing day and I love it. Yes, it’s cold and sometimes wild but I always get the best pictures and we normally have the place to ourselves, which is the best. This post reminds me of our boxing day, which is getting me very excited for Christmas. Gorgeous hon xxx

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