1. You look gorgeous in it and it’s so ideal for your outdoor adventures in this weather (as well as the school run). I really should buy one with a hood. I’m still wearing my mac all over the place!

    • I was wearing a Mac up until recently but it’s not really warm enough when it really starts to chill down! You definitely need a hood, especially when you live in the North West 🙂

  2. Your coat looks lovely! I tried on a Lighthouse coat while out shopping not so long ago – I had never heard of them till recently – and although I didn’t end up buying it, I really liked their outdoorsy styles and bright colours. Your kids’ jackets look lovely too!

  3. Lovely coat Hayley and it looks really warm. I totally get what you mean about the school run, it’s a constant battle between not wanting to look a frump but needing something warm/with pockets/waterproof. Love the boys coats too, so cute! xx

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