1. Yay for three day weekends! Lovely to see you on Saturday and wasn’t it nice to have two extra days after that to enjoy. We went to Chester for pizza on Monday. It was fab! Love Lucas’ ice cream face. Little cutie.

    • So nice to see you too Rachel, we will definitely meet up again. The two extra days were greatly appreciated after such a busy day and glad you made the most of yours with pizza! xx

  2. So sorry I couldn’t make Blog on in the end but I know you all had a great time! Still haven’t made it to Calderstones park, but I do love the Ice Cream Farm! Yay for bank holidays xx

  3. I am so sad to have missed Blog On but with that and the rest of your weekend it looks like you had the most of the three days! Love the last photo 🙂 x

  4. Looks like a fab family weekend. I love the gardens and the flowering tree’s in the photos. I’ve not yet been to a blogging event (due to illness) but hopefully one day and we may get to meet. 🙂 angela xx

  5. Really gutted to have missed BlogOn!! Noooooo! We could have done so much more chatting 🙂 ! Lovely pics though. Looks like you had a lovely weekend, and the last one is adorable of you. We love bank holiday weekends here too xx

  6. Such a lovely family photo Hayley, and my two love Boys time with their dad to, they think it is super cool to have boys time! Hope Lucas is feeling better now, Calderstones park is only about 20 minutes from me ! x

  7. Blog on looked like a great event. I love that picture of you and Katie.
    I wondered if your pictures were at Calderstones Park. The last picture is gorgeous.We love Cheshire farm Ice cream too xx

  8. Oh me too. Bank holiday weekend are great to have Daddy an extra day. It was so lovely to get to hang out with you darling for the day at BlogOn. Lovely playing and ice cream with the kids. Love that messy ice cream face it’s a true childhood moment. So cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • It would have been lovely to catch up with you again Katie but you looked like you were having the most amazing holidays. I will hopefully make it out the North West at some point to another event!! xx

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