1. When I was pregnant with Mads and when she was first born, I constantly googled everything- in the end I had to step away from the internet as I was always worried. However as I started to relax in my new role as a Mum I actually found loads of useful advice. It is so helpful to find forums or sites where you see other Mum’s have exactly the same worries as you.x

  2. When my eldest one morning climbed out of her cot to wake me up (I think she was about 15 months old) I knew then she was ready for her cot to be changed to a bed. With G I only did it just before she was 3 this was because I had twin boys to tend to & it was more to help me. The same with potty training, its not a race is it? I waited again until G was easily 2.5 & she picked it up much quicker.
    I am so glad I’ve started blogging though as if I’ve got a problem I can ask one of your guys as from reading the blogs I feel connected to people more, do you know what I mean?
    Lucas will tell you when he’s ready xx

    • Yes, It’s great reading other blogs because you can see how different all children are and it gives you reassurance when you aren’t sure. He would probably be ready for a bed now but we’ll wait until Summer I think. Potty training will be some time yet but we definitely won’t start that until he is showing signs of being ready xx

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