Twin Pregnancy Diary – 17 weeks

Last weeks scan went great and as I had hoped we were able to find out the sex of our babies. I didn’t feel as sure about what we were having but I had stopped thinking they would be girls and I was right; they are two little boys! I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be; we had been hoping for girls especially because Lucas has two boy cousins. However, three little boys will be a real treat and I think Lucas will love it. Everyone says boys are easier and while I’m not sure how true that is but I think you definitely know where you are with boys. I’ve loved having Lucas so much how could we disappointed with the thought of more boys? 

I didn’t really get the extra information I was after as it seems I’ll have to wait until my consultant appointment at 20 weeks to learn more about twin births. I’m fairly low risk and have had no problems so far so they are happy to leave me to it for these early weeks. It’s difficult to find information myself as twin birth policies seems to differ between hospitals so I’ll just have to be patient until 20 weeks.

The babies are nearly 13 cm long and we were able to hear one heartbeat at the midwife appointment. It was a very strong one but we didn’t get to hear both as I think it’s pretty difficult to distinguish between them with twins. I know I am definitely starting to feel some movements now, they must be jostling for space!

I’m feeling much better now and have more energy so I’m going to enjoy these weeks as much as I can before I get too big! I’m measuring around 19 weeks which is normal for twins so I’m happy with that. Most of the initial twin panic has settled down and we are starting to think practically for the future. I’ve started looking at all those little soft sleepsuits and cooing; getting excited (with my rose-tinted glasses) for those new born baby days.


  1. I am also a mother to twins. I have identical girls, who will be 6 in a few days. Reading your post took me right back to when I was having scans. I loved being pregnant with them and I love being their Mummy. Enjoy your pregnancy 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m loving hearing from other twin mums. The pregnancy is going well so far so I’m hoping it carries on, I feel like things are still sinking in but so excited about having twins!

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