Twin Pregnancy Diary – 26 Weeks

October 13, 2013


26 Weeks PregnantI feel like these 20’s weeks are dragging along; there has been a few changes and we’ve had a lot of appointments.  With the chance of twins arriving early I feel better with every week that passes. I had another scan last week that showed both babies are doing growing and doing well. I also had an appointment with the doctor I first saw at 20 weeks. I find him very approachable and he seems knowledgeable about multiple births so I’m hoping I get to see him again. I’m booked in for another scan, a gestational diabetes GTT blood test and clinic appointment next week and then they’ll go to every four weeks. As much as I take reassurance from the regular monitoring I confess it will be nice to have a little break from hospital appointments.

The babies should be more aware of sounds now and it makes me smile to think that they might be able to hear Lucas chattering away and giggling. Their growth is still on track; one has a slightly lower measurement which they’ll keep an eye on at the next scan. They were both still breech and if they stay that way it will definitely be a caesarean. I can usually tell when they’ve shifted position but with two of them wriggling in there it can sometimes get uncomfortable. I never felt lots of movement when I was pregnant first time and even had to be monitored as he was so quiet so it is nice to feel those bumps and jabs.

There hasn’t been much else to report which is nice in some ways. I’m still getting out for walks with Lucas even if I have slowed down…a lot! It’s great now Lucas is at the age were he doesn’t need to be carried and he will play quite happily on his own. It gives me a chance to put my feet up with a cuppa which is greatly needed some days. My husband is off next week so we’re hoping to sort through some of the baby things and see what we need. I know I’ve not been as organised this time as I was with Lucas and I haven’t bought anything for the twins yet. We have to stick to basics and I’m going to make a list of essential items we need and we’ll be off shopping. Any recommendations for twin essentials would be great!

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