1. What a gorgeous post Hun. As you say, such an exciting time for Lucas. I will be the same as you, heartbroken inside when the girls start school. I will miss them so much. It’s amazing how mums show us how brave they are to our face but now a mum yourself you know she was breaking inside. This school sounds amazing. I love schools that allow the parents to get involved. I think it’s important to express interest in the school your children go to and commit time to their education. Your boys are blessed to have you as their mummy. Xxxxx

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Kat. You are so right about being part of the school, I think if you work with them rather than against them you can get the very best for your child. I signed up to join the Friends group of the school and they were all so lovely, not as bad as I thought it might be! I am looking forward to being a part of it all too xx

  2. Such a beautiful post Hayley and do you know what, he will love it. I will never forget Jack and Joe’s first days at school both days I just sat by the phone, I couldn’t focus on anything and they never missed me one little bit, they were ready which I am sure Lucas is too, you are such a wonderful Mum xxx

  3. Ahhh I have similar feelings about having Lyla start preschool. I agree that children should look at a child pace as well and couldn’t send my daughter to a snooty school that’s trying to make them into cookie cutter baby geniuses. I’m glad you love the school you’ve chosen!

  4. Don’t….I am crying now! I cannot even imagine how I will feel when Harry & Lottie start. Both gone at the same time! Although what an exciting and amazing new chapter. Sports Day, plays, and all the fun to come. He’ll be great and so will you and it will be a lovely new time for you all xxxx

  5. It’s so nerve wracking isn’t it but it sounds like you have a really lovely school picked and hopefully Lucas will love it instantly. We have our first parents meeting with them on Monday and then a home visit. I’m already so nervous 🙂

  6. You know school is really fun for them and it’s the start of seeing them grow so much. I know it is a scary thought when you think it is for the next seven years, but they will be seven good years! Sam was ready for school months before the September so I was more than happy for him to start! haha. Don’t worry, he will be fine and so will you xx

    • Thanks Julia, I can tell from reading your blog how much Sam loves school! I know Lucas will be the same, it just seems such a big thing for us, but I think for them it is just a new adventure! xx

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