1. what a cute little garden helper Lucas is! Burton enjoyed helping his grandparents when he was younger and i keep meaning to plant some seed in our new garden but i havent researched what we can do yet. maybe i need to enlist his grandparents for advice as yours have done. lovely photos Hayley – wait until he sees what he has planted grow, he will love it x

    • I was so pleased when his Grandparents wanted to do it and we’ll try in our garden too. They just got some trough planters, compost and seeds, so easy and I think it was all from Asda! I spotted a little book in our library and it tells you want to plant when so we’ll have a go over Easter. I can imagine your boys would love it! xx

  2. I love this Hayley, I hope it has inspired you for your own garden; how exciting to have a blank canvas to work on. Lucus will have to check on his peas and carrots when he goes to vist his grandparents over the coming months. A great way to learn about food. Thank you for linking up.

    • Definitely, we will have a little ‘food garden’ area in ours. It was so easy to do and I can’t wait until he can actually see the plants and then eat the produce, hopefully! It’s a great way to get them involved in the garden x

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