1. Haha – love that bit at the end. You’re so right. It’s a trend because it’s good and lots of people like it. Trends have never been shown to be wrong, just think of all the past prime examples. You know things like perms, mullets and shellsuits. All great things!!

    Honestly though, I’m with you. I don’t think having a shared love of autumn should be branded a cliche. It’s nice to share things we have in common. What next? Should we all be like, “Uh, did you read her blog?”. “She’s totally jumped on the ‘love Christmas’ bandwagon”… Btw I totally have a million stripy tees, converse, and ikea shelves. The only difference here being I prefer a Neros chai to a Starbucks one! Xxx

    • Haha, my friend just picked me up the Starbucks takeaway cup because she knew I would love it! It’s a weird one isn’t it, things are popular because they are great! I wonder if we will look back at some of our trends and think they were as bad as perms! xx

  2. Love this Hayley. I write a (sometimes) weekly post called The Week That Was but it’s essentially the same idea and I find it a nice way just to summarise a few bits and pieces that are going on.

    I too love autumn and completely agree with what you have said – we should all just be free to write whatever we want, when we want. If you like the same thing, then great!

    Love your blog and enjoyed catching up with you over my lunch break 🙂

  3. Ooh, a new planner! I love Orange is the New Black, too, though like you, not sure about the end of season three. The whole season didn’t grip me as much as the other two, really. Glad you have your reading mojo back x

    • You should definitely read the OITNB book if you haven’t already Jocelyn! If you like the show it is a great read, I found season three a weird one too, hope it comes back and I love it still! xx

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