1. I love the family stone, it’s so lovely and I always get choked up at the end. I love the holiday too but they don’t seem to show that a lot! Hope you have a very lovely Xmas with all your boys Hayley. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year xx

    • Your comment has made me smile Tas, thank you so much! Hope we get to meet up again in the new year, always nice to catch up in real life. I feel like we are such friends just because I love checking in with you on your blog and yet we only see each other once a year, haha. Enjoy the Christmas holidays with your little family xx

  2. The lego Father Christmas in Liverpool is amazing. I don’t think I have seen the Family Stone, I do love a good Christmas film though. Have a Merry Christmas and a lovely break Xxx

  3. Merry Christmas Hayley! Yes I am looking forward to a break too, but I still keep thinking I will post, it’s addictive! However there just isn’t the time so it’s not possible – I need to wrap presents and watch the sound of music! Love the Lego reindeer they’re fab aren’t they. See you in 2016! X X x

  4. Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, the weather has been mostly shocking hasn’t it?
    I have loved watching festive movies, and listening to festive music, although I planned not to blog at all I have posted more than I thought I would, this was more a case of pottering because I felt chilled and no pressure. And actually not about anything in particular more ramblings, but family time has been just fantastic I have loved it xx

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