1. Love these posts. I completely binge watched the Affair and I regularly wanted to slap at least one of them each week. If anyone is considering an affair, they really should watch this. I love how the episodes are recalled from each of their memories though and how perception can be SO different. It’s changed how I now think about some people….those where I sometimes wondered if they might be lying a bit. I’ve realised it’s just how they remember things and that depending on the situation they’ve overthought or undersold themselves. I think it’s called the Rosheman effect (something like that). I did far too much googling after watching it 🙂

  2. Love these updates Hayley:) And so glad you’re enjoying Vikings! I agree, it gets a bit gorier as the seasons progress, and I must admit I found the last one a bit much in places. But the fantastic writing, acting and storylines always keep me interested. I can’t wait for the next season xx

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