1. Ooo, I’m just rereading the Dark Materials trilogy before starting the new one. I can’t wait!! The phone thing, I know what you mean. I don’t know if it’s something that would work for you, but unless we’re walking somewhere creepy, I don’t take my phone with me when I’m out with the boys. And I often leave it at home when Paul’s with us. I check it now and again when I’m home but it means that when we’re out doing family stuff, I rarely have it with me … and I don’t actually miss it xx

    • Hmm, yes, I have been thinking about that! I do use it to take photos but there isn’t any reason why I can’t stop taking photos once in a while, haha, I’m sure I will survive. I’m going to try it and report back, I’m definitely re-training my brain to stop reaching for it. I’m very excited by the new Pullman book, I really wish I could hide away for a weekend a read it though xx

  2. Can you believe that I haven’t watched Stranger Things? I know! I just don’t fancy it although I’ve heard amazing things. I know what you mean about social media, I have actually bought some books lately to pick up when I’m bored rather than scrolling. It’s be amazing. Love your posts and hearing about what you’ve been up to 🙂 xx

  3. Love these updates Hayley, and thanks so much for giving me a mention! I saw your Instagram post on Fangirl and it sounds really interesting. We still haven’t watched Stranger Things but it’s next on my list once we finish Mad Men. I’m with you on the phone thing and I’m also trying to step back more often. It’s good to have a break xx

  4. Love your update Hayley and I know exactly what you mean about being attached to your phone. I think I just pick mine up without even thinking about it, and I need to realise that the world won;t come crashing down if you don’t check things a billion times a day. I think I might really work on it over the Christmas break. I got drawn into Stranger Things as husband and Morgan were watching it. Whilst it’s not my usual type of show I really enjoyed it x

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