1. Oh your journal looks lovely Hayley! Like you, I’m not putting much in mine just now other than to-do type stuff. Maybe in a month or two I can get back into the more fun spreads when time allows:) I hope to use mine a bit more for blog planning too, there are some great ideas here. Thankyou for letting us have a peek x

    • Ah I’m glad you liked it. I so wish I had time to do more in it but for now it is mostly functional, like you say I can always add other bits in when I have the time – that’s the beauty of a bullet journal! xx

  2. Love this Hayley! I’ve really stripped my bullet journal back this year and am actually preferring it. Have borrowed the meal plan idea – thanks for the inspiration! xx

    • That’s why I love the bullet journal, you can change it so easily to whatever works for you. I’m really loving the setup I’ve got at the moment, hoping to keep it going for a while! xx

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