1. Oh lovely i found myself nodding along to this, parenting is so tough!! My three year old is a whirlwind but my six year old Im finding quite hard work at the moment. It really is the highest highs but the lows are tough!

    • They just seem to have such tough spells don’t they and it’s different for everyone – I know all parents are the same deep down, just trying to do the best but it can be a bit of a minefield!

  2. You’re a wonderful wonderful mum Hayley. Its not easy having two young ones, let alone 3. Things can get tough but all that energy can be a bit intense at times and you’re completely allowed to have those “telly will do” times, more so in the dark days I think. All your boys are always so full of life and smiling and they are thrive because of you. You can’t fake happiness like that in photos. So you should know that you are flippin awesome xx 🙂

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