1. Aww! How lovely….
    I love the walk to and from school with my youngest. My eldest walks with her friends 🙁 We walk in all weathers….Invest in a warm, waterproof coat, hats and gloves. It’s awful in the winter months x

    • Urgh, I can imagine! I am not looking forward to winter, going looking for a big coat this weekend. I’ll have to come back and read this post when I’m fed up of trudging out in the rain 🙂 xx

  2. Oh this made me feel a little emotional Hayley. What a gorgeous post and I can see through reading your words just how much the walk met to you. It makes me emotional to think of these people coming into their lives that potentially could play such an important part and it makes me sad that one day they might not want to hold our hands and talk about their day- it really makes you realise you need to treaure every moment. I hope L settles in well at pre-school. xx

    • Thanks Katie, I’m sure he will, we start properly on Thursday. I didn’t expect to feel quite as emotional as I do, I think it’s only just occuring to me that he will be meeting new people who will play such a big part in his life. It’s so exciting and scary all at the same time xx

  3. This is such a lovely post. We have a car but school is only about half an hour away too so we will try and walk as often as possible, maybe even in the rain! I love that the twins were looked after on his first day and you got to walk hand in hand x

  4. Oh this had me in tears, Hayley. My eldest is at exactly the same point. He started at the local school a week or so ago and we’re doing the walk (slowly) twice a day, accompanied by a very grump 20 month old who is forced in to his pram to come along. I thought I was okay with him starting school (just two and a half hours a day, this year) but today, I’ve been so, so sad about it. I watched him walk to his classroom with his teacher earlier and he was so excited but seemed incredibly small. I wanted to run over, wrap my arms around him and take him home at once. Why do they have to grow up?

    • Oh it’s been crazy how emotional I have been, I really didn’t expect for it to hit me this hard so I’m quite glad that there are others like me who understand how hard it is to let them go! All part of growing up but I think it’s harder for us Mums than them.

  5. Ahhh he sounds like he is liking his new chapter in his life. I hope he settles in ok and it’s an easy transition. I find it really strange that they have friends without us, like they’re growing up a bit too quickly. I met my bestest friends when I was about 5 years old and I do wonder if z will find some special friends soon. I hope so 🙂

  6. Life at the Little Wood

    Aww, such a lovely post. Starting school is such an emotional time for all concerned, but it’s so lovely that you can have these first precious moments together, just the two of you. Really hope that your little man is settling in well xxx #theordinarymoments

  7. Wonderful to be able to walk to school together and catch up on the day. You have years ahead still to enjoy this. Even as teens while they won’t let me walk them anywhere mine still tell me what they are up to in their own time. I hope you can keep the walk to school going as winter approaches. Thank you for sharing on country Kids

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