1. Lyla loves cars too. Little tiny matchbox ones and then big barbie cars too. When I was little I loved cars way more than dolls so I’m happy she inherited that. And I’m glad your boys took on what your husband loved when he was little too!

  2. Gorgeous photo – such concentration.

    We’re typically boys toys here too (with the occasional teddy pushed in a pushchair), although N’s never been that excited by cars. He prefers tractors (unsurprisingly), but yep definitely wheels are the big draw. #livingarrows

  3. Hayley our two have been exactly the same since they were tiny, just car mar, they were everywhere. In fact Joe still spends hours playing with cars and play mobile x

  4. We are the same with our three, they love to play with anything and everything regardless of the gender types. we encourage them all, P however is extremely into anything thats to do with real cars, henry hoovers or footballs – he’s actually really amazing at football too at only 17 months! lovely photo, love the vintage toy bus x

  5. Aww that’s so lovely! My girls aren’t desperately interested in cars, but there is a little green tractor that gets carried around a lot and a police car that always seems to end up in my handbag! We’re still waiting to see what Pip goes for, that will be the true test of nature vs nurture!

  6. I love that they have their preference. Lil G has always loved super heroes. Like you we’ve introduced gender neutral toys and for a little while he embraced them. I think it’s the nursery influence with G. Gorgeous picture. I love the concentration x

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