1. I can’t believe they’ve done an entire term already and I completely know how you feel. There is so much tiredness in our house right now. I’m ready to use bribery to get through these next few days. Bring on the holidays eh?

  2. LP looks exactly the same – just exhausted. I will be glad when this week is over so we can all relax a little bit although I’m not sure when as there is just so much on the calendar! x

  3. I am so pleased to hear Lucas is thriving, I find it incredible to think Theo could still be at nursery now if he was two days younger, he is loving school and I love seeing all the older kids greet him in the morning, but yes, time for a rest for all of us over Christmas!

    • It is strange to think they could still be doing another whole year at nursery! I can’t believe I even considered in when I look at him now, so much of it was emotional maturity with Lucas and he has just grown up so much. I bet you are looking forward to the break, hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

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