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Twins Blankets

When the colder months first came around I started looking out for presents for my boys; with the twins turning one right after Christmas I wanted to find something different. I knew we would have so many toys from Christmas so I really needed to find something else, a gift that would be perfect for a first birthday. Someone recommended My Baby Patchwork to me on twitter and the more I saw the more I fell in love with the handmade patchwork baby blanket’s. My Baby Patchwork is the hard work of mum, Hayley, and she creates the most beautiful quilted blankets from old baby clothes.

Bear Blanket

Boys Blanket

I found it really hard to part with baby clothes after the twins; I had kept all of Lucas’ knowing we would be having another but there was really no need to hold onto them after the twins had outgrown them. As I sent out a tweet saying how sad it was to be parting with the tiny sleep suits I got a reply saying why don’t I get them made into a blanket? I can’t remember who it was who tagged in My Baby Patchwork but I am forever grateful. I got in touch with Hayley through Facebook and decided on two medium blankets for my boys with a blue and a green border. I had a sort through the many clothes and picked out the ones that meant the most, that were particularly special and any that had nice embroidery or patterns. I sent them all off to Hayley and she lovingly made our blankets, complete with the boys initial and a cosy, fleecy underside.

Patchwork Baby Blanket

Close Up

I must admit these gifts were bought more for me initally but Boo and Bear love them too! They came all carefully wrapped up with a ribbon so I didn’t let them out until the morning on their birthday. As soon as we lay them out they were on them, grinning away and rolling around. They just love them and we have them out most days; their older brother occasionally burrows under one on the sofa so it looks like I’ll have to get another!

They really are a fantastic quality, such great value for money when you think of the work that goes into them. You can choose any fabric for the border and can customise them with names and dates if you wish. They are truly one of a kind and so carefully crafted I would’t hesitate to recommend them. I love that I can look at the blankets and picture the little outfits, where they came from and when they wore them; such a perfect keepsake and a great gift if you want to give something different.

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My Baby Patchwork

Family Fever


Disclosure – I paid for these blankets in full but I love them so much I wanted to share them. I have received no compensation for this post!


  1. I absolutely love products like this. We have a handmade play mat too. This is such a fantastic idea and we will def be looking back to your recommendation when the time comes to part with some of Teddys clothes. Thank you #TriedTested

  2. These are gorgeous. I have been making blankets from baby clothes for my boys for the past year (still not finished all three), I love the idea of being able to keep them all 🙂 it’s such a lovely memento to have.

  3. Oh they are gorgeous, and it’s such a lovely idea. I have plans to do something similar when my sister and I get to the end of all of our children and make one for each of them – as the baby clothes have passed back and forth between us it’ll be nice to see bits of some things in each child’s quilt!

  4. They just look so gorgeous – I’m normally a bit wary of this kind of thing as they can look a bit naff but yours look so lovely!! (Helps that you clearly had good choice in baby clothes!)
    Lovely to see you linking up with #TriedTested this week 🙂 x

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