A Change {My Captured Moment}


A few years ago we decided to move house; we moved back to our hometown, somewhere I never thought I’d end up living again. Lucas was 10 months old when we moved and it was the right decision for many reasons; we had the opportunity to buy our own house, my husband had a new job, we wanted to be nearer family and I was able to become a stay at home mum, something I had wished for since I went back to work when Lucas was six months.

Not long after we moved we went to the park which was at the back of our new house, we already knew the area pretty well as it wasn’t far from where my husband had grown up. It was July and the weather was lovely. There is a big hill there and we spent ages playing on there, Lucas was crawling and doing wobbly walks. I remember taking the photo while we were there. It is still one of my favourites and for me it marks the start of a big change in all our lives.


Running in Lavender


  1. This is a lovely picture! We lived away and then came back too, it’s funny how life turns out sometimes! The sky is making me long for Summer. I hope the little one is feeling better X

  2. What a lovely moment and so nice it holds such special memories for you. I love it when a place is special and has such lovely memories. #mycapturedmoment

  3. Oh this captured moment picture is so symbolic of where you were in your life! Look at the joy and freedom on his little face. Perfection!!

    Thank you for linking up to #mycapturedmoment xxx

  4. What a smile to the face, this brought! A big and positive change captured. It’s lovely to make changes in our lives that works well. I’m so pleased for you that you’ve been able to achieve your dream of being a SAHM; so lovely. All the best as you continue on your journey. #mycapturedmoment

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