A Toddler Garden Update {Phase 3}

Way on back in June we planted some plants in Lucas’ toddler garden and here is a little update of the beautiful flowers we have been able to enjoy over summer months.

The garden turned into a little family project and we have all done little bits to it. Lucas has loved seeing the flowers in bloom and we regularly watch the butterflies and the bees that are attracted to our patch. Even better the sunflowers that we planted even further back in April have come up a treat; in fact they are starting to take over the garden. He still goes in there to do a little digging and we all take turns watering. We’ll soon be on the lookout for some winter flowers so we can keep it in bloom.

Toddler Garden 1
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Lovely to see the progress on this Hayley. I always plant veg with the children but perhaps we should give flowers a go, yours look so beautiful. Great for Lucus to watch them florish, perfect for any Country Kid! Thanks for linking up. Did you know Annie from @MammasaurusBlog also has a “How does your garden grow” linky? This would be lovely to link with her too.

    • I would love to do some veg too but might have to wait until next year now. The flowers have been easy and I’m really surprised by how much he loves them. Thanks for the tip on Annie’s blog, I have seen the link before but never thought of joining up!

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