Living Arrows


Living Arrows 9


This box may have just been toy of the week! All three of my boys have spent so much time playing in it and it is still going, although for how much longer I’m not sure. They never keep still so I’ve struggled to get a decent picture of them but I love this one. I’d popped Brandon in it and seeing all the fun he was having Lucas wanted to get in too, he squashed right next to him and the sat wriggling next to each other while Lucas shook the box ready for take off (at this point it was a plane).  So much fun to watch the way they all play together with the most ordinary of objects.

living arrows


  1. I love the way children take simple items and play with them, letting their imaginations run free. Lucy also loves boxes, for her they become boats, robots and cars. She also loves toilet roll tubes, making them be telescopes, tooters and binoculars. Aren’t kids awesome?

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