Pirates & Padlocks


I love that we live right inbetween Liverpool and Manchester. Both cities offer so much for families and children and a couple of weeks ago we went to Liverpool’s International Pirate Festival. Taking advantage of being in a city we went to do a bit of shopping first which was a complete nightmare with three children in tow; everytime I’m stood waiting for the lifts in John Lewis (why is everything for kids on the top floor!) I swear I’ll never do it again.

Anyway once that was out the way we had a picnic alfresco lunch and headed to the Albert Dock to see the main event. It was a great atmosphere, lots of people dressed up, a sea shanty band playing, ships you could go and explore re-enactments and a live Pirate Battle going on in the dock itself. We saw quite a bit but because it was quite busy we stayed out of the main areas. Once we had been on board a Pirate Ship and listened to some pirate songs we went to walk along the front to the Pierhead. Liverpool is such a fantastic city, I used to travel all over Liverpool with my Nana visiting family. We would often go on the Mersey Ferry and I can’t believe how much it has changed since I was young. I love to stand there and look at The Liver Building, it is a stunning waterfront on a beautiful day. It is such a nice walk along the river now, so open and lots to see. Lucas spent a lot of time musing over the padlocks along the chains, all containing little love notes and we even managed to find a Lucas one! We walked along spotting the Lambananas and sat outside with a drink to watch the ships and admire Liverpool’s Three Graces. It isn’t without a great amount of effort that we go out for the day but it is getting easier to mobilise the troops and it is worth it when we have such a fantastic family day. Sadly I forgot my big camera (always forget something) so photos are just taken off phones apart from the lovely one of us all that was taken by one of our relatives who we ran into on the day!

family Liver Building Liverpool Padlocks Running Watching the band Cunard Building Liverpool Pirate Ship

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  1. Your phone takes a lovely photo. What a great event for the city to put on. irate themed events are so much fun. I love the idea of listening to the sea shanties and exploring the reenactments. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    • It was way to busy to get round the main dock with a pushchair, definitely with a double in our case but the walk along the front was lovely! Just have to hunt out the child friendly areas 🙂 xx

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