1. P.

    Lovely memories H. and beautiful pictures!!
    It’s sucha shame I can’t take my kids to ‘my’ places-too far and some has gone like my nanas farm!

  2. Julia such beautiful photos, we went for a woodland walk too last week and like you it brought back so many memories from my childhood and my favourite stories from the faraway tree. The forest is such a magical place through the eyes of a child x

  3. Such lovely memories from your childhood. The 99 one of breaking the cone at the bottom reminded me of my own childhood. I need to do that with Z. I love your photos too. Looks like it was such a lovely day out x

  4. Lovely post, memories ey (I feel old just writing that). I grew up in Liverpool and I always remember my Grandad taking me and my sisters to New Brighton for a day trip, it was such a big adventure driving through the tunnel for what seemed hours and we all loved it. I often take my girls now, obviously it has changed a lot!!
    I will have to try Eastham woods – I have never been x

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