1. Kat Brown

    Hi Haley, if you’re after a camping stove please don’t buy one. Greg cleared out our garage today and we found that we have three! You’re more than welcome to one of ours if you’d like it. Xxx

  2. I thought that this would be the summer we’d brave camping, too. But, no!! I’m a massive wimp. I have let the boys put their mattresses on the floor in our bedroom for a night, though. Does that count? Such lovely photos, Hayley. I can’t believe how big your boys are getting. And it’s harder to spot the age difference now, too.

  3. Oh well done Hayley, it looks like it was a success!! Camping is one of those things I will forever be happy to talk about but not actually do. So I admire anyone that does it with kids 🙂

  4. Stop it!! You are tempting me to give it a go. You do make it sound like we should give it a go and I do love the idea of camping. I think it is a case of the right equipment and the right site. Love your photos!

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