1. This is such a lovely post and one that I can kind of relate to right now as I start to cons out of the baby fog. It sounds like a complete joyful whirlwind with your 3 lovely boys though and long may it continue. Xx

  2. Hayley your house must rock, you deserve the name extraordinary chaos more than me ha ha, but you can just see what incredible parents you are and how devoted you are to your gorgeous boys. I love reading about the boys antics, it reminds me of when our were little, but busier x

    • Haha, I’m not sure about the extraordinary part but it is definitely chaos 🙂 Boys always seem to be so busy don’t they, I love reading about yours just as much and seeing what we have to come! xx

  3. What a really lovely post – I’m off to share it on my blog Facebook page. It brings back so many memories. The baby phase feels like a very distant memory for us too. I do remember my boys being incredibly tough from the age of 15 months to about 2 and a half though – they were total monkeys that didn’t listen, climbed everything and ran off in opposite directions! We stayed in a lot more between those ages too like you – sometimes it was just so much easier and safer. Even now there are times we don’t go to places because I know it will be too challenging with 2 x 6yos and a headstrong 3yo. As you say, it does get easier in lots of ways as every year passes. But boys have an endless amount of energy don’t they?! Yours are such cuties – it’s making me miss the pre-school years again! xx

    • Ah I love your comment Karen, I love hearing about others with twins. I think you’re right, boys are always bundles of energy anyway so add to that two toddlers it is just chaos. I know I had a few days were the destruction was just too much to bear but thankfully we are coming through that phase now! xx

  4. How are they two, Hayley?! How?! I know what you mean about embracing the madness. You just have to go with it, don’t you?! I find it too stressful to fight it … it’s actually way more fun when you accept the chaos and get involved in it 🙂

    • I think that is maybe the biggest thing I’ve learnt as a parent over the last 12 months Rachel, I’m pretty relaxed anyway but not much phases me now 🙂 Boys are just such bundles of energy aren’t they? I wouldn’t change it though xx

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