1. What a lovely chilled looking day. Sunshine, a picnic and wide open space, definitely a time and a place for making memories. I love your daisy chain in the video, I’ve been trying with our farm daisies but I keep breaking the stalks. I’m sure my little fingers of youth were much better for the job! Thank you for sharing a perfect family day on Country Kids.

  2. Its so lovely you have such strong memories of your Grandad and your time with him. I was never very close to mine but I see that bond in z and my parents now and its amazing. It sounds like your Grandad would have absolutely doted on your boys, and they may have climbed all over him! 🙂

    • Thanks Katie, video is totally inspired by your lovely little films. They aren’t of us going anywhere terribly exciting but I love that they capture out boys and will be there to look back on xx

  3. What a sweet day, spending with all your boys running around natural and free, thinking of your granddad. He was there with you in spirit. It’s always so heartwarming and wonderful to introduce your children to things that your family has introduced to you. Passing on traditions:)

  4. I spent my childhood in Sefton Park. I absolutely love it. All my memories are from around the park and Lark Lane. I’m glad you had a great day there, the playground is huge and seems to always be busy these days, in a good way, or maybe I’m just biased xx

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