1. Kenyon Hall Farm is literally less than 5 mins from where we are, we definitely need to go and do the maize, O would love it. The Tatton event sounds amazing but we’re away most of half term and it’s the school Halloween disco on the Friday. Such a shame, I love the Witches!

    • Ah I had no idea you were that close, I’ll let you know next time we go! The maize maze is such good fun, Lucas loved it. The Tatton Park event does sound great doesn’t it? We are home at half term and really spoilt for choice xx

  2. Great list of places to go for half term, we love Kenyon Hall Farm, sounds like you and the boys had a lovely time there recently. I have heard good things about Speke Hall, it sounds similar to Ordsall Hall in Salford which is a fantastic place to visit over Halloween, I must take the girls to Speke Hall at some point! Thanks for ideas Hayley, I am starting to get organised for half term now, Ste will be off work which means we can enjoy a few family road trips! Hope you and your boys will have a lovely week together xx

    • Oh I’m going to look up Ordsall Hall, sounds great. Speke Hall is so good, your girls would love it as there is so much to do outdoors, must admit we don’t often actually go in the hall itself, it’s not very relaxing with three boys loose! Hope you have a lovely half term, so nice to have that time together xx

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