1. Oh Hayley, I love this! I adore having a nose around people’s bullet journals. It is always interesting to hear what works for different people. And that is why I love my bullet journal because it really can be whatever you want it to be. I might have to steal your blog planning page. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • The blog planning page is my new favourite, I can’t remember where I saw it now…maybe Taming Twins but it really does help. I love looking at what other’s do with theirs too as it’s great inspiration for your own xx

  2. Love this Autumnal layout! You’re getting very creative with this. I still haven’t started mine yet. Maybe I am just too lazy to even keep a Bullet Journal

  3. Your bullet journal looks fab! I absolutely LOVE the blog planning layout. I’ve been playing round with ideas for ages, incorporating them into weekly spreads but this would be so much simpler! I find the calendar spread really helpful too! xx

    • I’m sure I saw the blog planner somewhere but I can’t remember where now!! I love it though, it really does help me stay on track, probably the most useful thing in my bullet journal at the moment! xx

    • The only reason it works so well for me is that I can pick it up and use it when I want too, I can go days without even touching it and it doesn’t matter as can just start a fresh. It does get addictive too though 🙂 xx

  4. Ooh, I love your blog planning page for the month, fab idea. I cram a blog to do bit in my weekly log and it doesn’t really work. I also love the idea of a gratitude log. Lovely doodles too. xxx

  5. I’ve been bullet journalling for about 3 months now and am more than a little obsessed! I love yours, so pretty!
    I have been trying to plan my blog posts too and I love the way you have done yours, I hope you don’t mind if I ‘borrow’ it?!
    Great post xx

    • Haha, of course! I definitely got the idea from somewhere else but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was now!! It has really helped me stay on track the last month so hoping it works as well this month too! xx

  6. Love it Hayley. I have really enjoyed keeping my bullet journal since i saw it here…though I think next year I will arrange it a little different. You are so good to all of the doodling haha x

  7. I’ve just started a bullet journal and find posts like this so helpful. I’m still trying to find my feet with mine but so far so good. I feel more organised already. I need to be a bit more creative though! xx

    • I think only now I’m really starting to make the most of it, there is some stuff I really love the idea of but it just doesn’t work for me. I swear I sleep so much better since I’ve started using it. I’d love to see yours, I’ll keep an eye out 😉 xx

  8. That’s SO funny!!! I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now — loving it — but definitely need a bit more structure!! I love your blog planner… perhaps, instead of just lists, this is something that I should do. LOVE your new header too pet xxxx

    • Thanks love, time for a bit of a refresh 🙂 Yes the blog planner is amazing for me! I have a few pages that are just random stuff and a few that a more structured, it’s changing my life!! xx

  9. Love this post Hayley! I’ve wanted to try having my own bullet journal but couldn’t get my head around it. Yours totally makes sense. Especially the blog planning page xx

    • Ah thank you, I’m glad you’ve found it useful, it always helps when I see what other people do then I can borrow all the best bits 🙂 The blog planning page has made a massive difference to me, at least feels a bit like I’m on top of everything even if I’m not! xx

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