Those Imperfect Days

October 30, 2015


This weekend we visited somewhere I have wanted to see for quite a long time, Lyme Park. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go since we became National Trust members earlier this year but there are properties nearer to home that were easier for us to get to. As luck would have it I won a competition for a little Autumn family photoshoot, I was absolutely thrilled to have won but I was even happier when they mentioned Lyme Park as a possible place to meet up and get some photos.

I am a little guilty of being a total romantic when it comes to old stately homes and period properties. I can easily get carried away thinking of the families of the past living there and putting myself in their place. I mean, could you imagine this being your house? Just being able to step out of your back door and go for a stroll through these grounds with no one else around, it would be bliss. I was ready to live out my very own Elizabeth Bennett fantasy.

Our day there didn’t go quite as smoothly as I’d hoped. It is a little over an hour away from us and the twins aren’t the best car passengers. About 10 minutes away from the entrance Bear started up a slow but constant whine which continued as we queued to get it (apparently this was THE day to visit as it was extremely busy) by the time we had parked the car I was rifling through the snack bag to try and find something to calm him but he was having none of it. Deciding that only leaving the car was going to soothe him I opened the boot to find we had forgotten the double pushchair! I’m quite surprised we haven’t done this before and as I looked round the horror on my face was mirrored by my husband. I’d also brought the wrong combination of wellies for the boys that didn’t fit anyone and by this point we had three grumpy little boys who just wanted to get out and explore.

I was determined that we couldn’t have come all that way and not even get to see the house so putting a brave face on it we got all three boys out of the car and started the walk up the muddy hill, determined to at least see something. And actually, it was fine…better than fine, we had fun. This is something we would never have tried ordinarily as we prefer to stick to the safety of two small toddlers trapped in a pushchair with all manner of things hanging off it while we have free hands to grab Lucas. Instead we had a twin each, I strapped their kiddy fox rucksack on my back and we tried our best to keep Lucas close.

It was beautiful, just as I imagined and as we followed the path round and the house came into view from across the lake I smiled with true happiness at the sight. I looked ahead and could see Boo laughing as the leaves crunched under his feet, Lucas running a little further to see round the next bend and little Bear next to me saying ‘splash’ as we walked past the water. Something that could have been a total disaster turned out to be one of the best things we’d ever done, not totally relaxing but lovely to see the twins with that bit of freedom. I’ll always remember the way Boo eagerly tackled the big stone steps while Bear prepared to sit and bump down them and that Lucas talked to them all the round, telling them it would be ok and leading the way. I didn’t take many photos as I was trying to keep hold of a toddler and bags but the few I did take are enough to remind me of this day it all it’s grand imperfection.

Also, I hope to be able to share a few pictures from our photoshoot on the blog but there is a little sneak peek on NC Hopes Photography Facebook page. I’m amazed that they managed to capture such beautiful photos of my non-stop boys, it was a lovely experience and I am so looking forward to seeing more.




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  • Emma T

    So lovely to be able to have an outdoor photoshoot. I’d love to go to Lyme Park too – such a beautiful building

    November 1, 2015 at 10:42 pm Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      It is just as impressive in real life as I had hoped! I am getting better at doing more sight seeing on our doorstep, it’s nice to make the most of where we live!

      November 2, 2015 at 9:01 am Reply
  • Coombe Mill - Fiona

    Hayley I was despairing for you reading this post , I’m sure I remember times like this when my triplets were young but I’m so pleased that not having the buggy or the right wellies turned out not to matter, in fact better than that, it sounds like they weren’t even needed. At least you were in a beautiful National Trust place and not a busy shopping centre! I hope the official photos are as good as you hope and that the twins have more no pushchair opportunities in the right places. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

    November 3, 2015 at 11:29 pm Reply
  • Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Oh Hayley, I love the photos. I’ve always wanted to visit too but, like you, we have properties that are that little bit closer. It sounds like you made the absolute best of the day, shaky start aside. I’m terrible for forgetting the pushchair but now Matty’s that bit older, we don’t tend to need it quite so much.

    November 5, 2015 at 10:03 pm Reply
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