1. Hayley I was despairing for you reading this post , I’m sure I remember times like this when my triplets were young but I’m so pleased that not having the buggy or the right wellies turned out not to matter, in fact better than that, it sounds like they weren’t even needed. At least you were in a beautiful National Trust place and not a busy shopping centre! I hope the official photos are as good as you hope and that the twins have more no pushchair opportunities in the right places. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  2. Oh Hayley, I love the photos. I’ve always wanted to visit too but, like you, we have properties that are that little bit closer. It sounds like you made the absolute best of the day, shaky start aside. I’m terrible for forgetting the pushchair but now Matty’s that bit older, we don’t tend to need it quite so much.

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