1. So glad that Lucas is enjoying school and that you’re able to relax a bit more about it! I know my Dylan is an August baby too and is the youngest in his preschool class…I worry how he’ll be in reception next year, but so far he loves school! I am definitely embracing the fact that the boys love school and homework as I know it won’t be long till they are avoiding it! 😉 Hope you have a lovely term break next week! xx

  2. It’s such a hard journey for us and I don’t think you’ve wasted it. It’s just a big learning curve that took me by surprise too. I felt so sad that he was joining the big wide world and on days when he said he didn’t want to go I so wanted to keep him at home. He sounds like he is loving it though and it’s so cute to listen to them talk about what they’ve learnt isn’t it? I definitely feel very ready for half term holidays though!

  3. Aww I’m so glad that he has settled in well. Sounds like you’ve had the same start as us with him being a little less forthcoming initially. Thankfully all this has changed now and he is very much enjoying his work. Enjoy your half term holibobs x

  4. This post made me feel emotional, my big girl started in September and it really hit me hard too. I still feel quite anxious about it all. I am pleased Lucas has settled in. Enjoy the half term Xxxx

  5. Ahhhh SO glad he has settled well – such good news 🙂 Have a super week off together! He will love being around you all again. Glad he has taken to school well being such a little one! Mine will be the eldest when they start so very different. Lovely post xx

  6. It’s so lovely to hear how well he has settled in and how quickly he’s growing and learning. It does amaze me how much they learn in Reception. My girl’s Year 1 now, and it feels like she’s been a school girl forever. It’s funny how you adjust, especially as I really didn’t want her to start school. Hope you all have a lovely half term x

  7. Ah I know how worried you were about him Hayley but it sounds like he is doing absolutely amazingly. Mads really feels like she has grown up loads in just a few short weeks- it’s crazy. I hope you all enjoy half term together! x

  8. I think I have come to this stage now too. Like you the last month and a bit has been full of emotion and it’s been tough for all of us at times – we’ve spent it exhausted! But LP is definitely a school girl now too and it’s great watching her learn x

  9. He has settled in so well hasn’t he? All that worry is only natural and there won’t be a time we don’t worry about them I’m sure, but what a reassurance to see he has really come into his own like that. I’m so pleased to hear how much he loves school and you’re right about the homework! X

  10. Hayley this is so so beautiful, I felt like this with both the boys for school and then with Jack for high school, It’s our job as a parent to worry, we cant help it. But isn’t it wonderful to see them negotiate all these new challenges with confidence that shows you have done you job so very well. I am so glad Lucas has settled so well it is lovely see see kiddies excited about learning x

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