1. Fearne’s book sounds lovely – its now at the top of my Amazon wishlist. I have heard a few good reviews of it. I do love a new cookbook, especially when its a healthy one.

  2. I’ve heard good things about All the bright things and I saw a trailer for Miss Peregrine and it looked very good!! Pride and prejudice and Wuthering Heights are amazing books. I keep meaning to go to Haworth again to check out the moors 🙂

  3. Oh I love Wuthering Heights, I did my dissertation on it at uni – I really must asked Father Christmas for a beautiful edition of it. I love my Kindle too – the quick download, but also the space saving – I own so many books. But cookery books I think you should always buy as actual books. You have some great choices there.

    • Space saving is a massive plus of the Kindle – there are still some books I feel like I have to have a proper copy of though, Wuthering Heights being one of them 🙂 A nice edition makes all the difference!

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