1. Lots of reading ideas here, Hayley. I think I might add the Nightingale to my list, and the Little Paris Bookshop sounds right up my street, I love a heartfelt read x

    • It’s a really sweet book, I’ve leant it to a few people and they’ve all loved it. The Nightingale is definitely worth a read too, even if it is so heartbreaking to read xx

  2. Gosh I’m impressed at how many books you get through!! I really want to read more, but rarely find the time. Scratch that, I spend too much time on social media. Think I need to address that. The Nightingale sounds like something I’d enjoy, I bulb like a baby reading books though, so best not read it in public!! Xxx

    • I cried so much at the end of The Nightingale, luckily withing the confines of my own home so I didn’t scare anyone but I think everyone should read it, such a great book. I keep trying to switch reaching for my phone for reaching for a book, especially at night when social media takes over!! xxx

  3. Aww what a gorgeous little round up, I love the sound of the Paris Bookshop – I need a couple of books for when we are on holiday so I shall add this to the list x

  4. Lots of great recommendations here Hayley. I’m really struggling to get into any books this year. I just can’t seem to get past the first few pages. x

  5. So many great reads here hunny. Some I have read too and others I am quickly writing down to come back to. I am in need of a book shop soon. I have been doing so much better with my reading lately it’s fab. You are smashing the library stock as we speak look at you reading wiz. #wrc

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