1. Really interesting post Hayley, I do love having a nose at what other people are doing with their bullet journals:) I’ve been using mine to jot down lists of blog post ideas, but they are very haphazard in comparison to your system. I think I need to borrow some of your ideas! Looking forward to your next bullet journal post xx

    • It’s funny as I’m not sure it’s made me much more consistent with my blogging but it has helped me organise my thoughts and stay more relaxed about blogging. It always helps to write things down and dump it all out your head! xx

    • I’ve been doing it for a nearly a year now and I still change things each month, when I find something that works I stick with it but otherwise I just move onto something new, that’s why I love the Bullet Journal. Good luck getting back into yours!

  2. This is really interesting, Hayley. I love seeing how other people plan. I’m pretty organised but and always have a bank of posts in the back of my mind, but I could probably do with a better monthly plan rather than weekly, and also keep note of the little admin jobs that need doing (but which I rarely find the time for).

    • I love having a monthly plan, as you know I’m not a prolific poster so it helps me to have it laid out over the month, don’t feel too pressured then! Always more admin jobs than time, or maybe it’s just that I find more fun things to do 😉

  3. Your bujo is so neat and pretty looking! Funnily enough, though I use mine daily and I wouldn’t be without it, I actually keep a separate diary for blog work. It works better for me somehow, though daily tasks often feature in my bujo to-dos x

    • It’s only because I print everything, my handwriting is actually pretty messy! I can see why you’d keep them separate but I need everything in one place otherwise I forget about the other 🙂 I think if I was ever at the stage where I had a lot of blog work I’d consider starting another but for now a few pages is all I need xx

  4. I love your bullet journal so much, mainly because I’m such a big doodler and this, to me, is the ultimate reason to doodle and makes such a fab keepsake for the year.

    • One of my friends brought round all her mums l’d diaries and journals and they were amazing! I hadn’t thought about keeping them until she did that but I love that they are a real moment in time!

  5. I love seeing how others plan their ‘blog work’ I use a blog planner rather than a bullet journal but use many of the same techniques as you. In fact you have prompted me to do some proper planning for May tonight!

  6. Loving these spreads – So creative. I need to keep up to date with mine. I think it is a great way to stay organised with life as well as my blog.

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