Brothers {The Ordinary Moments}


I found it difficult to imagine our life with three little boys and now I just can’t imagine life without them. After all the worries they have effortlessly become a part of our family and a part of Lucas’ world. He has accepted them without question as if they have always been here. When they cry he goes to them and when he can’t see them he asks where they are, certain items are for ‘the babies’ and when they are awake he likes to get close and look in their eyes while he says hello. As I lay the twins on their play mat today, Lucas came to lie down next to them; spotting that Brandon was awake he sat up to chatter at him. I quickly managed a photo before he was off in a whirlwind again!

The littlest moments of brotherly affection bringing a smile to my face.





  1. Katy

    Ahhh I’m so pleased Hay. He is going to be such a great big brother to have. Can’t wait to meet them, will message you x

  2. I love seeing photos of your boys, I still feel so excited that they are here! (is that a little strange?! I hope not!) It is weird that you spend your whole pregnancy not being able to imagine them here and then once they are here you couldn’t imagine life without them. I was exactly the same with LL. It looks like Lucas is taking to being a big brother brilliantly, that’s fab news! x

    • No, not strange at all! I love being able to share them with all you lovely bloggers, just like I love hearing all the updates from your little ones too. Totally amazed by how natural it seems to have them here now xx

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