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I’m just easing myself back into blogging this week, it’s been lovely to take some time off but I’m ready to get back to it. I honestly haven’t done much in my time off, I had grand plans to schedule posts but I’m beginning to realise that just isn’t the way I work. It’s been good though as I feel like I’ve taken in the here and now. I know every parent says’ doesn’t it just pass so quickly?’ but that seems even more relevant when you hit a big milestone or change. Everything you think about before your first child starts school and it hardly seems like any time at all has passed. His first day at school was so far in the future when I held that tiny baby and then before I know it I’m one of those mothers crying as I walk away from the school gates.

On the otherside of all this me and twins are falling into a new routine, we have time together that we have never had before. It seems strange and at first I wondered how I would entertain them for the day but most of the time it just flies by. I took them to a playgroup on their own for the first time this week and they had so much fun. I haven’t done any of the mum and baby groups with them so getting out and about now feels good. I have felt guilty that they missed out on a lot of that but it hasn’t done them any harm. They settled into the playgroup like they had always been there! This is a fun age to have them at home on their own but they are full of mischief and they definitely encourage each other – it really is non-stop with them at the moment as they are so desperate to do new things and take it all in.

Just before Lucas started school I took a few photos of the boys up at our local park. It was his last full day off and we headed up there early to have a run round and make the most of it being quiet. It was a beautiful morning and I thought it was nice to record this time right now; it’s the start of something new and the end of a routine we will never see again. I think I’ll always remember this morning as I clung on a little longer to my oldest boy, it was a nice way to say good bye to our days together. As I thought he would, Lucas went into school no problems, every day he runs in and I have to catch him quick to get a goodbye kiss. He comes out smiling as I try to tease as much information as possible out of him on our walk home. I guess we are getting used to it and even though part of me still would love to have him home I know he is loving it. Right here and now we are all pretty happy and I love these photos, something I’ll always have to remember this fleeting age.








Twin Park

Twin Playground



  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful boys. The school day does go by so quickly, what with the drop off, a little playtime, lunch, naps, you’re back there again before you know it, aren’t you?! Glad you and the twins are enjoying it and adjusting and that Lucas loves school x

  2. So glad Lucas settled into school okay and you and the twins are finding a new groove in life. How exciting for you all. I felt the same with Ethans last day at home, its a bitter sweet feeling as you think of whats changing, but what fun and new opportunities are coming.

    Gorgeous pictures of the boys, and I love your new profile pic too – lovely x

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