1. Ah it is so hard Hayley and I can imagine it is even harder if he is having wobbles about school. I am lucky that Mads adores school and always wants to go but I know I would feel dreadful if she didn’t want to. I live for the holidays too, I am so excited that half term is here and we can just lazy about and I can spend quality time with her. I love my days with LL but I do miss her too. x

    • He used to love going in which is why it has really thrown me when he gets upset, I think we’ve just got passed it but I suppose this week off will set us back a little! Enjoy the week off with your beautiful girls xx

  2. Oh, bless him. I know this term is the term that they work them that little bit more, as they’ve settled in now and I remember there being less play this time last year for Boo. As you say, I think a lot of us feel tired on the dark and cold mornings, too, which doesn’t help. I hope you all have a fabulous week together and Lucas re-energises xx

  3. Ah Hayley I feel your pain. My Meme us the same, I have to start giving her mini motivational speeches on a Tuesday to get her through the week. She is in reception too so I worry it will get worse as it gets harder. We look forward to our weekends so much and we are all delighted that it is half term. Hopefully when the weather gets a bit brighter and warmer they will feel a bit better about going, this time of year is just so gloomy. Enjoy your week together xx

    • I’m glad that mine isn’t the only one, I think I worried so much because he is the youngest in the year I am so much more concious of it but the truth is that they all feel tired. Hope you have a lovely week off too xx

  4. I love that he thought it was another weekend! I think the school / working week is too long, there is no real balance. I think at least a 3 day weekend is ideal.

  5. Hayley I have always thought this term is the hardest for kiddies, there is almost nothing to look forward too, its dark, gloomy and cold, we know spring is on the way but bless them it must feel so dull. I love the weekends and holiday when we are all together,i know someone that dreads having her kids home for the holidays and it makes me so sad that anyone could ever feel like that x

  6. Loved reading this Hayley and yes I can totally relate. I found the first term so easy to get up and get to it, I loved walking to school and it was all so exciting, these days its such a chore and we drive more (eeek), I am so excited for half term and some fun adventures, I feel life has been lacking a bit!
    You look gorgeous in that pic too by the way – its a lovely one x

    • Thanks Mary, I’m so glad it isn’t just me. I think because there are signs of spring I am hoping we can do more this holiday. I’m sure you will enjoy the family time and I hope you get a few fun adventures and some time to rest up too 🙂 xx

  7. Ah I completely get this. We’ve had so many wobbly mornings too and sometimes I just want to give z a big hug and tell him I don’t want to go either. Of course I don’t and just keep giving him a pep talk about how he’ll learn so much and have so much fun. I wish they only had a 4 day week or something. Alas, at least there is half term x

  8. Hayley, I’m exactly the same! While I love having more time with the littlest, I hate rushing J to school and not having him with me all day. He’s been so tired since Christmas, I think it’s hard going back to school when the weather is so dismal. I’m loving this week and am noticing a massive difference in how well the boys get along when I’m not nudging them out of the house. Hope you’re having a wonderful half term x

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