1. I’m a stay at home mom aswell, as much as I love my children, if I could afford childcare I would go back to work. I think I think this because I can’t get even a part time job because of the shifts my hubby does. Do you know what I mean?
    I worry about the contact the boys don’t get with other children or people aswell. I don’t go to playgroups & I know I should. Hopefully when G starts nursery in September I will start taking them as will only need eyes for 2 of them then?

    • I can imagine that it so much harder with several children! We love playgroup and it is a lifeline but I don’t know how I would cope with another child, you must never relax! The cost of childcare was a real issue for us, our original child minder was amazing but so expensive. I just love being at home for now 🙂

  2. I really love this post as I’m currently wondering about the same thing. When I was young my mum was always at home with us. We were lucky that they could afford for her not to work and she never went back even when we were older. I’ve always thought that I would love to look after my wee one, just as you say, to know her the best and to not miss out on those years flying by. We’re still thinking about it and working out what’s going to be for the best, but my current job I’d have no guarantee what time I could leave at and it’s over 20 miles away from our home. My mum and dad live too far away (30 miles away) so couldn’t look after her and the childcare cost is crazy. We still have a lot of thinking but if we go ahead we will be the same, not able to go out as much and watching what we buy. It is a compromise but one that I’d be willing to take to look after our child and watch her grow. xx

    • I think it is so difficult for parents nowadays to make the decision, times are tough for so many families and you always want to do the best for your children. My mum did have to start doing little jobs around us when we went to school but she was always there. I love being at home with Lucas but financially it is a struggle but it’s a Catch 22 for us now with the cost of childcare. I hope you are able to do whatever makes you happiest, sounds like you are being very sensible thinking it all through xx

  3. Be proud of your proudness! I don’t understand how any could do it but it’s so awesome that you can. I work from home but the work I do is impossible with the girls around, especially my 2yo, so having her in nursery is just perfect! If I worked in an office/had to commute or worked 9-5 5 days a week it simply would not be doable. In fact, if I didn’t do what I do I have NO idea how we’d survive as we couldn’t live just on Andy’s wages!
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong in enjoying your time whilst you can and there’s bound to be a space for you in the market if you do decide to return to work!
    I totally get the isolation thing too – working from home means I rarely do anything but work or babies! Haha x

    • I absolutely could not do any work from home with Lucas around; I completely understand the need for nursery! Occasionaly I’ll try and blog while he is napping or I nip on the computer to link up a post but even that can be tough. It’s a nice compromise though that you get to have a bit of time for yourself and work and time for your children without the 9-5 pressure! I have a cousin who thinks I am totally mad; she couldn’t wait to get back to work but I love that she’s honest about that. It’s great that all mums are different and I really think as long as you are happy the family will be happy xx

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