1. That middle bit when they start to find their feet and just want to keep on going in definitely a work out for us Mums. I prefer to lie in the sunshine LOL. Lovely pictures. Let’s hope the weather perks up!

  2. Awww he is such a cutie pie! I love him trying on the hat in his little sun tent. It’s hard work getting ready to go out in the sunshine isn’t it? Remembering sun cream, sun hats and to make sure they don’t stay in the sun for too long. It does get easier as they get older but then they like to put their own sun cream on which gets everywhere!! We got through so much last week lol! Here’s hoping we get some warmer weather again very soon
    Thanks for linking up Hayley x

    • I went out and bought some sun cream and the next day was raining and overcast…typical! We are back to packing woolly hats instead on sun hats this week! I love looking back at how little he was xx

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