Twin Pregnancy Diary – 30 Weeks

Background 30I’ve had a little break from all the appointments over the last couple of weeks and I don’t have another scan booked until I’m nearly 32 weeks. My GTT blood test was fine but they have discovered my iron levels are low, not surprising really considering my body is supporting two babies! This at least explains my tiredness and breathlessness but honestly I had expected that in the later stages of a twin pregnancy anyway so it never gave me much cause for concern. I’ve been prescribed iron supplements and trying to keep plenty of iron-rich food in my diet; I don’t eat a lot of red meat but it’s a good excuse to treat myself to a steak and I’ve been adding spinach to most of our meals! I was a little upset to learn that tea can stop the body absorbing iron but vitamin C does help so a glass of orange juice with meals and tablets is good.

These last few weeks are all about the babies putting weight on and the lungs developing, preparing them for their arrival into the world. It’s strange not to have had a scan in the last two weeks…this is the longest we’ve gone since 16 weeks! I keep trying to figure out their position and I’m not convinced that they have turned yet but we’ll see at the next scan. I can feel them stretch out and jostle but on the whole I don’t get any really uncomfortable jabs.

We’ve had a couple of moments where I’ve been worried that I’m feeling some contraction like twinges but they have always passed very quickly. It seems to come on if I’ve been walking further than usual and once I relax it goes. Starting to get the amazingly attractive chubby ankles and fingers and the pregnant lady waddle is definitely noticeable. I’ve finally made some headway with baby shopping and have bought a few basic sleepsuits and vests. I’ve been unsure what size to get, it’s hard to know how small they will be and that will be very dependent on when I give birth. I’ve just bought some basics to take into hospital and I thought I could send my mum out for anything else we need once they have arrived. If you’ve had twins what clothes did you have before the birth and how organised were you? Also, I’ve found it hard to find tiny baby clothes in the actual real life shops rather than online, where did you find the best places for small baby clothes? I thought I’d be so prepared with my second pregnancy but I’m still unsure about so much!




  1. karen calladine

    I bought mainly newborn sizes, but as they arrived 6 weeks early I had to send people out for low birth weight clothes. The thing I struggled with most was getting tiny cardigans/jumpers. I had some very kind Aunties who rallied and knitted lots. It’s hard to judge what size to get, try and keep receipts safe so you can swap sizes if need be.
    Hope you are feeling well in your self, I was the size of a house by this point and immensely brassed off x

    • Ha, I can’t say that I ever feel truly comfortable anymore and I’m getting a bit annoyed that I can’t walk any distance…my mind says I can and my lung capacity says different!
      All being well they’ll be here at 36 weeks so I’m still unsure of what size to get, hard to know if they will be much smaller than newborn but I think you’re right, keeping receipts is a good idea and I have a MIL who knits! Thanks for advice x

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