Twin Pregnancy Diary – 36 Weeks


Background 36Here we are – 36 weeks, I’ve made it! So happy to have made this milestone and kept those babies going for this length of time. This will be my last update as I’m booked in for my c-section with this week and we are preparing to meet our boys. If you’ve been following along with this diary you’ll know there has been a few ups and downs but on the whole I’ve been so lucky to have a uncomplicated pregnancy and I’m hoping that continues with the delivery.


I’ve been staying in a lot this last week and I can’t walk very far without getting tired but other than that still feeling good. I think I’ve been more anxious about the c-section so that has taken my mind off the aches and pains. Everything is packed ready for the hospital, all the baby clothes are out, freshly washed and I have family ready on stand by in case I need to get some more tiny baby clothes. I think we have our names for the boys but we do have a couple of back ups just in case we don’t think they are quite right when we meet them. Everything has been organised for Lucas to be looked after while I’m in hospital and hopefully Daddy will make it home to put him to bed so he won’t be disrupted too much.

My husband is off work for Christmas now so it’s been nice to have a few family days together; we have just chilled out, watched Christmas films, relaxed in our pyjamas. It has also given us a chance to get those last few bits ready. Soon we will be spending our last night together as a family of three and getting ready to welcome two little boys into the world. I couldn’t be more thrilled, what a different Christmas this will be but one we will never forget. Thank you for reading my journey and look out for our twin baby announcement!



  1. Oh wow, you’ve made it so far, it’s been great to share you’re journey and I’m so looking forward to seeing some photos of your new boys. Congratulations for making it this far and the best of luck to you for the future xxx

  2. Katy

    Can’t wait to hear from you. You are right, you have been so lucky with the pregnancy, but I’m convinced your laid back attitude has helped loads. Let me know if you want anything dropping off, although I know you have the A Team around to help. Good luck xx

    • I’m not sure I am laid back or just delusional! Either way I’m hoping it sticks around. No doubt you’ll hear from me soon and thank you, you’ve been great to chatter to this year 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas x

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