1. I loved the slow mornings so much too! It was so nice to just wake up when we felt like it. I’ve had to drag poor z out of bed every day this week, I’m so glad it’s Friday! Happy new year to you all 🙂

  2. You know I feel just like that too, it had been so lovely not having to get eeryone up. I actually had to wake Lily for school on Wednesday at 8am and then we all had to run round like lunatics. Agree with the fluffy socks! x

  3. Oh I am missing the lazy mornings, I am really not feeling January at the moment and the miserable weather doesn’t help. I’m the same with my husband sometimes I feel like I never see him even though we live together, everything is just so busy! X

  4. This is exactly what I miss the most as well. I loathe the school run and rushing around to get ready. I really am craving it and I am actually missing Mads more than I did when she started school in September. I don’t think the cold dark mornings help, roll on spring and summer. x

  5. Hayley I just love this. I love lazy family mornings. Its funny how you get back into the routine so quickly isn’t it? Although our two would sleep until lunch time if they were given the chance so lazy mornings are oh so lazy x

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I love to stand in the kitchen with a cup of tea watching the boys play. On school days, all I seem to do is hurry them along and it’s horrid. Oh, and I spotted a santa on my littlest’s chest of drawers, this morning. You’re right, there’s always something you miss.

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