The Trip To The Farm That Went Wrong


Last week while my husband was off work we decided to be brave and try a day out with all three littles. We chose a farm very close to us, only about 15 minutes away, made a packed lunch and tried to remember everything we would need for a few hours in the wider world with a toddler and baby twins. The farm was lovely and very reasonable to get into (which turned out to be a good thing as we had to cut the trip short). All started off well and I rather smugly thought we were going to make it through the day; the sun was shining, both babies were happily settled in their pushchair, quietly taking in the sights. Lucas was enjoying it all just as I thought he would, feeding the sheep,ย goats and chickens and excitinglyย running up and down the country tracks chattering to all the animals and other children he came across. It was lovely to see Lucas out in the fresh air, something we haven’t been able to do nearly as much as I would like. He’s always been in his element in the great outdoors so we were making the most of it while we could.

Feeding GoatFeeding Sheep

Then, the time came to feed to babies and it all went downhill from there; whether it was just that the bottles weren’t as warm as usual or that there was just too much going on the babies wouldn’t settle to feed. We went to find a quieter spot to try again and as we settle down in a quiet oriental garden Lucas starts to run wild. He was getting all agitated and over excited, probably because we’d stopped his fun to feed to twins. He was running around shouting then ended up falling backwards off a bench, it was one of those moments that I could see happening but couldn’t get to him in time. Luckily he didn’t really do any damage as he mostly fell in a bush, he just gave himself a big shock and then wanted to go home. As he said that me and my husband looked at each other in silent agreement that this just wasn’t going to be our day. It was never going to be easy getting out with all three while the babies are so young and we’ll put this one down to a learning experience in the hopes that it goes more smoothly next time we attempt it.

pushchair babies

In the end we had our packed lunch as a picnic in the back garden as we tried to wind down! From the safety of our garden we were able to laugh about our disastrous first attempt at a day trip, we’ll try again and probably learn a few things again too!

Garden LucasPicnic

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  1. Well done for getting out no matter how short the trip was. In the early days, we often bailed on days out when they wouldn’t feed and settled and we didn’t have another child to contend with. It does get easier as the twins get older, especially when they hold their own bottles so it only takes one person to do the feed x

  2. Well done for giving it a go! As you say the next time will be better and I’m glad to hear that Lucas was ok from his fall. You all still managed to have some outdoor family fun in your own garden and the twins look gorgeous sitting there watching their big brother. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Oh Fiona, I don’t know how you did it when your brood was little…and triplets! The mind boggles! We are slowly but surely getting out more and feeling so much better for it x

  3. karen calladine

    It’s not easy managing 3 little ones. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and adapt your plans, depending on how they are on the day. A picnic is always fun no matter where you have it x

  4. Oh no! Inevitably these things happen when you have little ones don’t they. Looks like you made the most of your day when you got home and I’m pleased you managed to have your picnic too!

  5. I love a picnic in the garden! It’s horrible when kids trip or fall, and you see it in slow motion but just can’t get there quickly enough ๐Ÿ™ xx

  6. Never down play a trip – if you made it past the front door that is a TRIP in my eyes. Well done I say ๐Ÿ™‚

    The photos are really cute and looks like they had just as much fun in the garden x

  7. Ahahaha loving your little backyard picnic. It’s great that you guys tried the zoo thing and even though it didn’t work out well I’m sure it was still a good experience for Lucas, no matter how short. I can’t even imagine being out with twin infants!!! You guys are so brave ๐Ÿ™‚

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